Saturday, February 19, 2011

Organizing information

Posting photos online

Early in 2010, we were asked to start posting more photos on the website, including mugshots. Because there are several mugs that we post frequently, I created a folder on our server specifically for mugshots that could be posted on the website. Each photo is sized and toned for the web, and each is labeled by last name, first name and WEB or RGB to distinguish it from CMYK or BW versions of the photo that might appear in the paper. "Mugs for Web" is a simple way to add a photo of a public official or notable resident to a story that quotes or mentions that person, putting more content on our website and giving more meaning to the text.

Promoting staff Twitter accounts

A master list of News-Herald staffers' Twitter accounts had been posted on our Facebook page as a note. We occasionally were running the list in the paper to inform readers of our usernames. Because the usernames were not organized in a specific way, I decided to sort them based on the staff member's beat and tweets. I used the organized list to create a half-page Twitter promo that could run in the print edition:
I used this organized list to update the note on Facebook, using headers and bullets so readers can more easily find the Twitter user they are looking for.

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