Saturday, February 19, 2011

LOST audiocasts

I recorded weekly audiocasts for the final season of "Lost" with Entertainment Editor Mark Meszoros and Sports Editor Mark Podolski.

To get more audience feedback and start a conversation with our readers (and listeners), I created the Twitter account @NHLostFans (and encouraged use of the hashtag #nhlost), and I created the e-mail account (I also created a Facebook fan page that accumulated a few fans, but I removed it a few months ago because the little activity on it had ceased shortly after the series finale.) I also created the graphic that appears on this page, which served as the avatar for our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Each week, I compiled the feedback from Twitter, Facebook, gmail and website comments, and I read several of the reader comments during the audiocast.

We recorded the audiocast every Monday. After recording, I would write up a description, select a photo from ABC's press website, and upload all of that on the Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning have traditionally been times when no local content was added to that section of the website, and I improved that by posting the audiocasts every week.

The audiocasts:
  1. 02/02/2010: Lost and loving it (with audiocast) (column by Podolski that kicked off our series of weekly audiocasts)
  2. 02/08/2010: A tale of two timelines
  3. 02/15/2010: Kate, infections and a poison pill
  4. 02/22/2010: Trying to unLocke the mysteries
  5. 03/01/2010: Jack's not so crazy about the view
  6. 03/08/2010: Which side are you on?
  7. 03/15/2010: Ben's regrets
  8. 03/22/2010: Is sideways a good move?
  9. 03/29/2010: Good and evil, heaven and hell
  10. 04/05/2010: Did they show us the package?
  11. 04/12/2010: Is Desmond key to the series?
  12. 04/19/2010: Everybody loves Hugo, but should they follow him?
  13. 04/26/2010: Has Jack joined Team UnLocke?
  14. 05/03/2010: Best and worst of the series
  15. 05/10/2010: And then there were three
  16. 05/17/2010: A few answers, but more questions
  17. 05/19/2010: Having 'Died,' we brace for 'The End'
  18. 05/24/2010: And in the end ...

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